Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Party

The Birthday girl was sick on her birthday day but she sure made up for it on her birthday party.

It was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to like it. Isa said it was the best birthday ever. What a group!

Here is Isa making a wish on her birthday cake.
She did not tell me what she wished for but she sure took it seriously and really wished hard. I am just waiting to see what comes to pass from that wish.

Playing on the Ice

Yesterday it was beautiful out. Still cold, but the sun was shinning and the wind stopped blowing so Isa and I threw down our school books and went out to play on the ice. Growing up in the mountains I have never spent much time by the ocean. What an amazing place. It does not matter if it is open and blue or frozen and white, I always feel as if I have stepped into another world. It is a wild world and one that I am stranger in.

The frozen ice goes on for miles. We found tracks from a dog sled and others from a snowmachine both heading due west out onto the ice.

The best fun was our exploration of the ice chunks standing like hills out in the ocean. We climbed and slid, made forts and found some strange animal's poop. All in all a very successful day homeschooling!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My favorite store

These are some pictures of my favorite store Kathy's closet. Kathy's closet is actually a shed behind some apartments and I am really not sure who Kathy is.
The shed is latched by only a rope and a nail. Anyone can enter at any time.

Once you climb the snow hill and push open the broken door this is what you will find. The store has everything from photo albums to baby clothes, cards, candles, toys, and nick knacks of any sort. The price is marked on most of the goods and you just leave cash on a little table inside the building. I have been very thankful for Kathy's Closet on a number of birthday or anniversary occasions. Now if I could just find out who Kathy is to thank her.....

Oh and before you head out to the store be sure the dress up for the nasty weather we have been having. This is me before my walk to the store! Ahhh nothing like a brisk walk in the Alaskan winter.

Sick on your Birthday!

Jeremy and Isa share the same birthday. This year was a bummer of a birthday for Isa. She was sick, sick! She spent her birthday laying on the couch not moving except to open her presents. The next day she was fine and full of energy so we had a birthday "do-over" and got to do all the special things we had planned for her birthday. Tonight is the big party!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Imaginative Play

I love having a kid around, most of the time. This was definitely one of those time.

Isa and her dad built a hydraulic lift with syringes tubing and wood. She was absolutely into it and kept telling her dad that she loved to build things.

After they were done and showed me their accomplishment Isa ran off and got her my little ponies to lift up and down on the lift, after that she went and got her dump truck and loader. For the next hour she quietly and persistently lifted every one of her my little ponies up into the dump truck in order to move them.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back from the lower 48

We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Montana and Wyoming over Christmas. It was a great trip even though it was colder in Montana and Wyoming then it was in Alaska most of the days!!! So much for getting to soak up some warmth on vacation.

Some of the highlights included a great Christmas, snowmobiling into a cabin for five days, taking the cousins downhill skiing twice, and visiting with family and friends.

The flight home was long and we ended up being stranded for days in Anchorage. It really wasn't that bad and we were able to keep our spirits up, especially when we were able to meet Captain Sig and his crew from the Deadliest Catch. He was nice and even signed Jeremy's Deadliest Catch hat that he just happened to be wearing! I was lucky Jeremy did not just sign up and head off to Dutch Harbor.

Isa in this picture has no idea why we are taking a picture with a complete stranger!