Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back from the lower 48

We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Montana and Wyoming over Christmas. It was a great trip even though it was colder in Montana and Wyoming then it was in Alaska most of the days!!! So much for getting to soak up some warmth on vacation.

Some of the highlights included a great Christmas, snowmobiling into a cabin for five days, taking the cousins downhill skiing twice, and visiting with family and friends.

The flight home was long and we ended up being stranded for days in Anchorage. It really wasn't that bad and we were able to keep our spirits up, especially when we were able to meet Captain Sig and his crew from the Deadliest Catch. He was nice and even signed Jeremy's Deadliest Catch hat that he just happened to be wearing! I was lucky Jeremy did not just sign up and head off to Dutch Harbor.

Isa in this picture has no idea why we are taking a picture with a complete stranger!

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