Friday, January 29, 2010

Playing on the Ice

Yesterday it was beautiful out. Still cold, but the sun was shinning and the wind stopped blowing so Isa and I threw down our school books and went out to play on the ice. Growing up in the mountains I have never spent much time by the ocean. What an amazing place. It does not matter if it is open and blue or frozen and white, I always feel as if I have stepped into another world. It is a wild world and one that I am stranger in.

The frozen ice goes on for miles. We found tracks from a dog sled and others from a snowmachine both heading due west out onto the ice.

The best fun was our exploration of the ice chunks standing like hills out in the ocean. We climbed and slid, made forts and found some strange animal's poop. All in all a very successful day homeschooling!

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