Friday, January 22, 2010

My favorite store

These are some pictures of my favorite store Kathy's closet. Kathy's closet is actually a shed behind some apartments and I am really not sure who Kathy is.
The shed is latched by only a rope and a nail. Anyone can enter at any time.

Once you climb the snow hill and push open the broken door this is what you will find. The store has everything from photo albums to baby clothes, cards, candles, toys, and nick knacks of any sort. The price is marked on most of the goods and you just leave cash on a little table inside the building. I have been very thankful for Kathy's Closet on a number of birthday or anniversary occasions. Now if I could just find out who Kathy is to thank her.....

Oh and before you head out to the store be sure the dress up for the nasty weather we have been having. This is me before my walk to the store! Ahhh nothing like a brisk walk in the Alaskan winter.


Cass said...

That is what I call a true shopping spirit... way to go !!! I see a reality show in the works.... " Shopping at Kathys.... "

Renae said...

Thanks for sharing this. I never would've imagined shopping in a shed. What fun! ;)

Peace to you,
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