Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from Vacation

Jeremy Isa and I had the opportunity to take some time off and visit parts of Alaska that we had not seen yet. We had a great time, took the train to Denali, also known as Mt McKinley, with Jeremy's sister and nephew. We then drove to Kenai and visited Homer, Sewerd and camped in all of the places in between. I would love to show you all pictures lost the camera out hiking so we have no pictures. So you all will just have to trust me about the beauty of the place and plan your own trip.

After that Isa and I went to Boise and visited all our friends and relatives. We also got to do all of those fun things that you never get to do here. You know like sweat in 104 degree heat. (I am not kidding). After two weeks of 104 degree heat we flew back home to 57 degrees and a cold 20 mile an hour wind! Good God! From the heat of summer to the beginning of fall.

It is the end of summer here in Unalakleet. The berries are all ripe, flowers are all blooming. It is really beautiful. Here are pictures of some Salmon Berries, also known as aqpik. Aqpik is my Inupiaq name here so I had to go out on the tundra and find some berries. They are very interesting, not very sweet, but good. I really liked them.