Monday, March 16, 2009


You just can not appreciate the Iditarod unless you have been up here and seen the landscape and felt the cold. It was -30 degrees last night when Lance Mackey left Unalakleet at 10:00pm. He, and all of the mushers, were running their dogs in the middle of the night following little trail markers in 30 below weather across the alaska wilderness. They are tougher then anything I can even imagine. I was just out watching the mushers at 10:00 and my eyelashes kept freezing together. My Alaska quality parka and mittens were not enough to keep me warm. I came home cold and tired after four hours watching the mushers take care of their dogs. I cuddled up in my warm bed and they continued on their eighth day on the tundra with out any sleep or warm bed. I admit it, I am not that tough. Anyone who has ran this race has my utmost respect.

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