Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Equinox

Today is the spring equinox. On this day all over the world everyone has 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. After this day we will continue to get more and more light until on summer solstice we will have 22 hours of daylight.

Back in the states this was always an important day to me. I am a big gardener. I love to grow things and the spring equinox, with all of its pagan overtones, was an important planting day and celebration of life. Here well, it is just another -20 degree day with a little bit more sun. The snow is still 6 feet deep and we will not be seeing the dirt for another 3 months.

So what can we do to celebrate? I think we will be going down to the Iditarod and watch the "red lantern" come in, maybe have a slushy (pictured above) and eat some Cheetos (pictured below). Not quite the pagan celebration I long for but you do the best with what you have. I have to remember that instead of planting seeds I am planting memories and hope that the seeds of Isa's culture take root. Happy spring everyone. I hope you are busy planting your garden in whatever form it may be.

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