Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Iditarod makes it to Unalakleet

Here is Lance Mackey making it into Unalakleet at 3:00 on Sunday the 15th of March! We waited in the deep cold for three hours to see the leader of the pack. The dogs did not make a sound as the came into town. Lance took care of the dogs, got them all fed and bedded down in straw, then he took care of feeding and caring for himself, oh and picked up his $3,000 in gold he won for being first into Unalakleet. Not bad. More mushers expected tonight.

The population of Unalakleet doubled as the media, mushers, and helpers descended into our little town. Here is Jeremy, Isa and friends in front of Lance's dogs. Isa was one of the first people down on the ice when they showed up and had a front row seat.

The Iditarod is quite the community event here in Unalakleet. I believe that the whole town was on the ice to greet the musher and his dogs. Here are two local ladies in their beautiful parkas.

One more photo of the town out for the Iditarod. If you look close you can see Isa right up front next to the media and Lance.

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