Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The last two days we have been experiencing some great weather. Every kid in the village is outside climbing, sliding, and throwing snow. The sun is shinning and today everyone is walking around without coats. I even saw one guy with a short sleeve shirt. Ahhh spring I thought is here! It must be 35 degrees, 40 degrees, maybe 45 degrees! Then I saw this.....

Updated: 8 min 15 sec ago
27 °F
Windchill: 18 °F

27 degrees???

Oh well it feels like 50 degrees to me! Now where are my shorts?

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Alison Kerr said...

It's all relative isn't it? Down here in Kansas my kids don't care to go outside until it's about 55F. Still, last week it was warmer outside than inside and we ate lunch outside a couple of times. Today it was back down in the 2o's.