Monday, September 15, 2008

September 18th

This is a picture of our back yard.  People use these metal barge crates as makeshift garages.  It is not the most beautiful back yard we have ever had but they are practical.

We are starting to find a rhythm here in in Unalakleet.  Jeremy works in the clinic from 8 to 5.  Isa and I home school until 1:00 then she heads off to school and I get some mom time.  In the evening it has been very pretty although it is starting to get cold.  It is most certainly the end of fall here.  The trees have lost their leaves and there is frost on the ground this morning.  

We bought a jeep to come out here and it is my new love.  I do not know why I have not had one
 before now.  Now I understand the Jeep love thing.  Here is a photo of "sissy" as Isa named her.  She is perfect for traveling the roads up here.   Clothes drying on a line outside Unalakleet.

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