Monday, September 22, 2008


Happy fall equinox everyone.  
The yearly seasons take on new meaning up here.  It is now the beginning of the dark time up here.  The nights are now longer then the day and it is only getting darker.  We lose 40 minutes a WEEK until winter solstice and then the day begins to creep in again.  We celebrated fall with some neighbors here.  Big stew with salad and pumpkin pie.  Most of the meal was made with food from our CSA box.  :)
Here are some pictures of Isa and her new pet "puddle butt".  Her Jellyfish was named by her
 father.  Puddle butt lead us on a very interesting research expedition.  Puddle butt is a "Moon Jelly" and if you want to know how they reproduce I suggest you look it up because you will never believe me.  
Isa has a good friend here named Judy.  She is in first grade and tends to spend every afternoon here.  Isa and Judy have been exploring makeup and dressing up like princesses.

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