Friday, September 12, 2008

problems uploading photos

Here is a photo of Unalakleet from on top of one of the hills out of town.  You can see the town down by the water. 
I have been waiting to post new entries to the blog because I am having a hard time uploading my photos.  I think out Internet connection here is too slow.  I will keep trying to figure it out but until that time you are going to just have to use your imagination.  It will be good for you.....

Unalakleet is changing rapidly right now.  The high is supposed to be 40 degrees.  This morning it was down right cold.  The Tundra changed from green to reddish brown, the trees are beautiful, for about one week.  The trees are birch or elm mingled with some type of pine and red willows in the low areas.  The river has dropped lower then anyone here has ever seen it.  So many changes happening here due to climate change.  The river is too low, the King Salmon have stopped running, the caribou have stopped migrating through here, it is just to warm for them.  Changes are coming too fast.  People here talk openly about it but are unsure how to do anything to change what is happening, or to even adapt quickly enough.

Some good news we have signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) that just started here in Unalakleet.  I can hear Amy Hutchinson thinking "only Wendy would be able to move to Alaska and find a CSA where she is living."  Crazy I know but an organic farm in Washington specializes in serving bush communities in Alaska.  Actually it is a brilliant marketing plan.  Everyone here is so desperate for good produce, and it is organic to boot.  The bad part of  course is that it has to be flown here in an airplane.  As the good Environmentalist I am I should just try to eat locally, but I have yet to find out what that is besides salmon.  

We are waiting for you to come up and visit.  

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