Sunday, March 14, 2010


The mushers started coming in to Unalakleet this morning. Mackey made it in first at 4:30am with King right on his tail. Jeremy went 40 miles upriver to a little cabin to meet Mackey as he went past.

Here is Mackey on the trail stopping at the cabin to "snack" his dogs.

One of Mackey's dogs waiting for a snack.

Here is our friend holding Mackey's sled for him. The duct tape is an old Eskimo secret to preventing frost bite, especially on a snowmachine at -30 without a helmet.

This morning it was cold as we went down to watch the mushers.

Here is King and his lead dogs before he took off this morning.

Updated: 11:16 AM AKDT on March 14, 2010
-24 °F
Windchill: -24 °F
Humidity: 76%
Dew Point: -29 °F

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