Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cross Country Ski Race!

The cross country ski team always has a ski race the Saturday before the Iditarod mushers come into town. This year was absolutely beautiful! Sunny but cold. Official reports say that the weather was 25- but it was a little warmer on the snow.

It was cold enough to freeze everyone's eyelashes before the finish.

This year was additionally fun because there was a fellow from Australia who came up to work with the school district for the week. He had never been on skis before and did great, except for that one big fall just as he was starting off! He was a good sport.

Tonight the first mushers will make it into town. Its going to be a couple long cold nights as we cheer everyone on that comes through! Lance is in the head with King right behind him. King rested at Kaltag while Lance rode straight on. Lance has got to be exhausted and needing a rest and King should be feeling good. We will see what happens when they get here. All I know is that these folks are tougher then me! City is busy and full of folks from the outside!

Our mayor, Middy, is still in there racing with the pack. I will post pictures when he comes through!

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