Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fishing, berry picking, and fish heads for dinner!

We have been able to spend some more beautiful days on the water fishing for Silvers. Here is Jeremy trying his luck on the beach one night. He was luckier on the river the next night and came home with four Silvers.

After filleting all the fish we had salmon for dinner and Jeremy could not let the heads go to he made fish head soup as we have been told to do. I did not eat any but Jeremy said it was not bad. He even ate an eye!

(Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads, fish heads, fish heads eat them up YUM!)

Just so that you don't think all we do is go fishing around here these are some photos of us going berry picking. Here is Isa with her friend picking, and eating some blueberries and salmon berries. After a while we took a rest on the tundra and ate the rest of the berries in our buckets!

I think next time I will go out alone with my own buckets to fill. There might be less eat and more picking!


Shannon and Alex said...

I'm looking through your blog and I am SO JEALOUS. What an amazing place to live and learn. Alaska is one of those places at the top of my list to visit.

Wendy said...

LOL but what a great moment on the tundra - yes? Berries....growing in the soil. I'd pass on the fish head as well, but did it make a good stock anyway?? I never have enough good fish stock around.