Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beautiful weekend

We had a beautiful weekend thanks to a generous family that let us stay at their cabin 30 miles "upriver". They wanted us to go up because a bear had been breaking into the cabin and it is always good to have someone check on it. The cabin was in good condition with only a few big piles of bear poop and big prints on the door. We hoped to see the bear but never did.

The cabin was on a hill with views in all directions.

Here is Isa showing you a Salmon Berry. We were able to pick a bucket full of blue berries and eat just as many.

Isa really felt at home on the big tundra. Here she is snuggled down like a baby caribou calf. She entertained herself for hours braiding plants together and eating berries.

The next day we took off floating down river and fishing. We caught 3 silver salmon and countless numbers of grayling. All in all just a great day! With weekend like this it is hard to imagine ever leaving such a beautiful, amazing, and wild place.

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Wendy said...

what a fantastic place on earth! How fortunate to have such a peaceful vacation.