Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I don't know if friends and family are trying to help us, torture us, or try to get us to move back home but telling me your temperatures is not helping me cope with the weather here. It is upper 50's in Garden Valley Idaho. It will be in the 60's this week in Montana. Well that is just great for all of you. I am not even going to tell you what the weather is like here. I am trying to forget that the outside even exists.

I am not bitter I am just moving through the stages of grief.
1) Shock! It can not stay this cold forever....right?
2) Pain remember those beautiful winter photos from the J Lazy T ranch in Idaho?
3)Anger This F*&%^ cold!
4) Depression......ugggggggg
5) hope....well the daylight is longer....that is something, at least we are not in the dark anymore.

I really do think that I am moving on to number 5, at least for today. Just don't tell me what temperature it is at your house. You may knock me back to at least number 3.

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BIG PANCHO said...

Hey Wendy:

The person that told you it was in the 50s in GV must have been smoking some very strong dope. It has been down below zero this last week and usually in the low to high 30s in the daytime. 50 degrees in your dreams.

Sure glad you made it to Hawaii. Love to you and all the gang,

David Bagnard