Friday, February 6, 2009

Some of you have asked about the cost of living up here in the bush. Well yesterday I got a good example. These del monte peaches are the only peaches we have up here. (no fresh ones). Check out the price...That is not for a case of peaches that is for just one can!. I bought three cans of peaches and it cost me $10.00. How is that for the cost of living. Oh and gas is still $7.50 a gallon. :)



Hope those were some good eatin' peaches! :) Jacqui


Hi guys! How are you all doing? Loved the pictures from Hawaii - especially the one of Isa snorkeling. What a beautiful family you have. I miss you all! We're looking to buy a house so hopefully soon we can get you to come to the south for some Cajun living and a nice stroll among the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast and the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees. Would love to get up north to see you! How much longer will you be there? Jac