Friday, August 22, 2008

Playing at the beach

Well I have been telling you that we have had some beautiful adventures here in Nome and here are some pictures to prove it.  Last Wednesday we went to the beach with some friends.   It wasn't the best weather day we have had here.  It was a bit windy, but hey any day at the ocean is a good day, and we had some kites to fly!    
After flying kites it was time to build some sandcastles and play in the surf.  The water is really not that cold.  The mountain rivers in
Montana and Idaho can be colder.  It still takes a
lot of guts to jump in and swim in the Arctic Ocean!  
These girls are part of a "Mom's" group here.  They are a great group of ladies and very welcoming.    

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Jacqui said...

It looks amazing! Isa is so grown up - what a fantastic adventure for her. I didn't know heaven could be so far north!