Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another beautiful day on the Tundra

View of the tundra and mountains near Pilgrim Hot Springs.

Isa, Jeremy and I went out on the tundra for another adventure again.  It was a beautiful day!  70 degrees and sunny.  We traveled by car to Salmon Lake and Pilgrim Hot Springs.  On the way we saw the most amazing things including river full of dead salmon, ptarmigan, and a herd of musk ox crossing the road right in front of
 us.  They were great!  They were smaller then buffalo but much, much shaggier.  
Their long hair hangs so low it almost covers their feet.  Their closest relatives are the goat and sheep.  
Check out  They were 
hunted to extinction in the 1800's and reintroduced in 1970's.  

We then found the road impassible to the hot spring.  We parked by the side of the road and hit the jackpot.  
Wild blueberries all over the place!  We spent the rest of the day picking blueberries and enjoying the tundra. 

 We were able to bring home about a quart and another quart in our bellies!  They are like huckleberries in taste but much easier to pick.

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Chris said...

Hot springs and wild blueberries. Perfection! Love ya, miss ya...Chris and family