Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hiking in Alaska

Yes it looks beautiful. Wide open spaces, and it was even warm although a little bit wet, well a lot wet.

But the biggest problem was the tiny little bug, you know the one that hums all round your face and tries to pierce your skin and suck your blood.

Jeremy wasn't bothered too much. If you look really close you will see a swarm of them around his head.

You just have to hood up. Check them out trying to poke through my hood!

Oh and there is still ice on the sound. Lots and lots of ice. This picture was taken June 14th. That is just wrong......


Nancy said...

Hey you bug infested ice bound folks! It is raining, no lets say nonstop rain, lets put it this way the Flathead Valley is going to drown soon unless something happens here about the rain! UGH!!!!!!!!

da coach said...

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