Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The river is now officially open!
Last night around 7:00pm the river opened up with a crack and sent the ice out to sea.

It is a big deal here in Unalakleet. Everyone comes down to the river to see the ice go out. There will be boats trying to go up river tomorrow.

Bad news was that two highschoolers had taken their snowmachines over to another village to see graduation. They came back last night after breakup. With no ice to ride on they had to "waterskip" their snowmachine across the open water. Quite a feat. I am not sure if there snowmachines will work next winter, but they both made it safe and sound.

While the river is open the sea is not. About a mile off shore the ice is still thick and extensive. People were joking that there would be a snowmachine race on the fourth of July. I hope to god there will not be, I am ready for summer, but if there is I will post some pictures!


Wendy said...

does this mean you will be fishing soon? You have no idea howmuch money I pay for "wild caught" fish....especially salmon steaks. It must be heavenly to be so close to real food!

mag said...

Hi Wendy, This is Mag leaving a test post. Marilyn is helping me (Hi Wendy!--Marilyn). More soon.