Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homeschool hats and cinnamon rolls

Yesterday we spent the day making a bowl out of scraps of fabric. Like paper mache you dip the fabric into glue paste stuff and put it on a bowl covered in plastic wrap. This was part of our very serious study of Africa and basket making, as well as a discussion of recycling and using everyday things in different ways.

Today, when the "basket" was dry, Isa was very proud of it and proceeded to immediately stick it on her head as a hat. "It is a basket, like in Africa", I state. "No", Isa answered, "it is my hat. It is my baking hat, I want to make cinnamon rolls."
"What? There are no cinnamon rolls in Africa! Let's make couscous", I reply. No she wants to be a baker not a cook and a baker cooks cinnamon rolls. I finally gave in by telling her "Well I am not going to help except to read you the directions. I will not knead or roll. This is your project."

Well here are the finished rolls that Isa made all by herself in her baker's hat. I really did nothing except to help her read the directions, oh and eat a few rolls!

Not bad for a school day.

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mahatmasparky said...

You're such a cool mom!