Monday, February 8, 2010

caribou hair and beading

I had an interesting weekend. I took an accredited class from the university of Fairbanks on caribou hair dyeing, caribou tufting, and beading.
Yes this was for a college credit.

Here is a picture of the dyed caribou hair and moose hide.

After we picked out our colors and cut out a pattern you start working on your project, I chose a barrette.

Here is my barrette with the tufted caribou hair on it and moose hair around the outside. I am just getting ready to start beading.

After beading we put porcupine quills on our work. Our teacher, an Athabaskan artist, provided us with the quills.
Here are our quills soaking in the water.

Here is my finished earings and the barrette. Not too bad!

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