Monday, December 7, 2009

Unalakleet sunset 3:00 December 6th 2009.

I don't quite know what to think! It is December 6th and it is 30 degrees outside. We are warmer then all of our friends down in the lower 48.......I feel all confused. Not that I am complaining.

It is still darker then a goats belly up here most of the day. We get about 3.5 hours of sunlight right now, but it has been cloudy most of the week so I am not sure we can even claim 3.5 hours.

Unalakleet, Alaska (Airport)
Updated: 7:56 AM AKST on December 07, 2009
37 °F
Windchill: 26 °F
Humidity: 52%
Dew Point: 21 °F
Wind: 24 mph from the East

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Cass said...

Can I send you a construction paper sun? It is self heating of course !!!