Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Science Homeschool Style!

Oh do we love science in this house. Both Isa and I love science more then any other subject and try as hard as we can to incorporate it into anything we do. Sometimes though, you just have to get a science kit and make a mess. The bigger the better and boy did we make a mess.

SLIME day at our house!!

Isa loved it. This is Isa with her Flip/Flop goop made of cornstarch and water.

After we made the Flip/Flop goop Isa started to get creative. What happens if I stand up and drop it?

Big long strings fall from your fingers, wiggling like worms.

Hey that gave her another idea. Could we paint with it? Yep we can paint with it......

Then came the Sewer Slime

And finally Wiggly Wonder.

Is it any wonder why I love to homeschool. Who gets to spend their day playing with goop?


Wendy said...

cool Mom!!!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Thanks for the invite to be interviewed by my two boys. One of these boys would LOVE to live in Alaska and is even thinking of moving there so this is a perfect opportunity for him learn a little more about your part of the world.

Thanks so much for the offer and I will contact you when we get to the appropriate week in our course.

Thanks again,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom