Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Well it is the first day of school here in Unalakleet. Here are some of Isa's first day of school pictures.

Although we are planning on homeschooling again this year Isa is going to go to school for the first week and then she will go for two hours every day after that. It looks like "school" is all going to work out again for us.

It seems that I too will be returning to school. I found an online masters program for rural community and economic development. I am excited and it will help pass the time when those looooong winter nights hit us.


Shannon and Alex said...

Hey Wendy! We have already studied Alaska but always appreciate anything extra! If you email me then I'll send you my address!
And what a great suggestion to study the Iditarod! (did I spell that correctly?)
I told my husband you had invited us and he said,"We are so there!" I'm right with him!!!
We head to South Dakota tomorrow for a week. Catch you later!
Your daughter is so precious!

Wendy said...

That sound ideal to me....Isaac is home alone and I am sending him to our parish school because other options didn't pan out. Isa looks to have literally sprouted! Happy firsts!