Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jeremy's Boat

She may look a little rough but she floats!

Jeremy has spent the last three weeks procuring, retooling, rebuilding, and overhauling our new boat. It has been quite the experience in "the universe providing" whatever he has needed to get it done. Lord knows there is not a hardware store/boat store within five hundred miles of us.

We got Flossy (that's the boats name, no we did not name her.) at a great price, but she lacked a motor, a trailer, and her floor leaked. Jeremy was able to find a great motor not 200 miles away, but of course it had to be flown here. Then just as we were wondering how we were going to try to get the boat to the water we were informed about a great trailer someone was getting rid of! Jeremy fixed the floor, the motor, the trailer, and made a steering "box".

She is heading out for her maiden voyage this afternoon! With any luck we will all be filling her up with salmon this fall. Anyone want to come visit??????

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Karis said...

Cool! Glad he got it finished. Enjoy your boating adventures. :) Hope you are doing well and that the weather clears for you soon!