Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a beautiful day! Yes it is still very wintery here but there is spring in the air. We had a beautiful trip out in the bush on the "snowmachine". After traveling out for about 20 miles we found a beautiful spot to have lunch. Here is a picture of Isa and I by our fire.

We put on our snowshoes on and followed tracks all over the river. I followed some big ones until I found this....

A little while farther down the creek I found this......the beaver den. You can look down inside the den and see the water.


After we had lunch Jeremy took us up on top of a mountain here to see the Isuk's, or rock people. No one can really tell us what they are for. Some say that they are trail markers, others believe that they are places of shaman magic. I like the shaman magic myself. The place really was magic, black soil was visible there at the Isuk. It was the first soil I had seen in six months. It smelled fantastic!

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Cass said...

Beavers have been coming to the MK Nature Center quite a bit, we show people how to look for "sign" but they still ask us how the trees fell down.... beaver prints in snow are SO cool.So glad you getting some outdoor time... : )