Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's been a while

It has been while since the last post. The reason for this is three fold. First, I lost my cord to connect the camera to the computer so no photos. Second, I was very sick for two weeks with "influenza". No I did not get the shot. I will from now on, I promise. Third, before I was sick my mom was to come and see me but she got stranded in Anchorage due to the volcano. So I was depressed for the rest of that week. So those are my excuses.

Today was Easter. We had two girls spend the night with us and they were up at the crack of dawn looking for eggs and eating candy. Then we went down to the river for the annual dog races. These dog races are for the kids and Isa got to race with all of the other kids down the river and back. It was a lot of fun and Jeremy got to race too. (He lost.)

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