Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter weather

WOOOOOOOO! I thought I seen some winter weather here in the Arctic but this is crazy. There is a blizzard outside that closed the school and stopped all flying, driving, everything. The clinic closed and no one can not get the ambulance out. Jeremy is out on a snowmachine right now trying to get to some guy who is very sick, possibly dying. He is a hero, no one could make it out in this crazy mess but him, but that is why we love him. I hope that he is alright.

The snow is actually blowing under my door. I could not shovel the snow out fast enough as it was blowing in. On days like this you have to be thankful that you have a warm house and a full pantry.

One more thing that is good about all of this winter weather is that homeschooling goes off without many interruptions. Isa is currently studying ancient civilizations. We are all having a blast learning about Egypt. We made conopic jars to hold our insides when we get mummified, wrote our names in hieroglyphics, and then Isa and Jeremy made a pyramid. Here is Isa being a pyramid. Notice her bare feet, shorts and tank top. Hey you can not blame a girl for dreaming......

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