Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seal Skin Hat

One of the best parts about traveling to new and unique parts of the world is getting to explore the culture of a place. Here at our home on the tundra we are surrounded by the Inupiaq culture. A huge part of that Inupiaq culture is the prevalence of and use of sea animals. Back in the states I would have been aghast at the thought of a seal and beaver skin hat. Here they are everywhere and they are perfect for the weather.
Here is Isa wearing her father's hat. The seal skin is beautiful, and furry. It is also waterproof and windproof just the thing for -40. Working skins here is seen as an art form. People are paid well for their hats, mittens, mukluks, and parkas. The skins and furs are almost always local caught and skinned right here in Unalakleet.


weimang said...

I love your hat. I have been following the Iditarod on line and noticed the cool hats many of the mushers wear beneath the parks hoods. Are they all hand made? Do you know where someone could buy on in Anchorage or Fairbanks?
Hope you all enjoyed the race.

kd said...

i love your hat too!!! where could i buy one just like it!! it looks amazingly warm!!

Rick said...

I'd like one too!! Any ideas where I can get one?
Rick Eyre

Brian said...

I have a unworn seal and beaver skin hat and matching mittens just like the young girl in the picture. I got them last summer while working near a remote village north of Nome, AK. I live in California and will never wear them. If interested feel free to email me. bdeedler@gmail.com