Sunday, December 21, 2008

We made it!

Happy Solstice Everyone!

Today is the shortest day of the year (3 hours long here in Unalakleet) and the official first day of Winter. Things start getting lighter and lighter now. We are celebrating Winter Solstice the way we always do, without lights. We celebrate solstice without lights in order to feel the darkness around us. It is only through feeling the darkness that you can truly appreciate the light. It also helps to give us an appreciation of modern lighting. Try cooking your breakfast, making your bed, brushing your teeth all just by the light of a candle. Once you do you start to wonder about all of the cultures past and present that lived and continue to live without the electric light.

Happy Solstice, (turn off your lights)


Alison said...

What a wonderful tradition. I am going to link to this article from my today article that mentions the winter solstice.

Thank you for visiting my blog. As you can tell, I too love learning :-)

BIG PANCHO said...

Hi Wendy..

Love the photos and commentary. We sure miss you.

Much love,