Friday, December 5, 2008

A visit from the in-laws

As many of you know Jeremy's parents, Richard and Virginia, came to visit us over Thanksgiving. You may be wondering why I had not written about it in my blog. No, it is not because I am still suffering through in-law remorse. Richard and Virginia are wonderful people and they really did great up here. I think they enjoyed it but you would have to ask them to get the truth! No it was because I could not find our camera with the photos to prove that they were here. So here is the Blog......

The weather was just horrid when they showed up. I mean horrid! It was -21 with a windchill of -41. I am not joking! They had left 70 degree weather in Wyoming and braved the cold and snow to visit our home on the tundra. We then promptly set them back on a plane and flew the family to Nome for some big city (pop. 2200) experiences where Isa got sick and spent the next two days throwing up in the hotel bathroom. With that setback and Jeremy in classes Richard and Virginia had to brave the snow, ice, and cold and drive the roads around Nome all by themselves. (A scary thought even in the summer.) They did it though and were rewarded with a rare view of the local Musk-ox population. They were told to pick up any souvenirs in Nome because there would be no place to buy anything once we got to Unalakleet.

Two days later we were back on a plane flying back to Unalakleet. It was still bitter cold and many hours had to be spent indoors. Richard, a winter pro, even got frost bit while out on the snowmachine. While here they were able to meet all of our friends including Isa's friend Judy. Judy's mom came over when she heard that Jeremy's parents were visiting and brought us some Muktuk (Raw whale fat and skin) for them to try. Virginia developed a taste for it. Richard tried it but decided to pass on any more.

After the muktuk we took everyone out to the river for a little ice fishing. This is still one sport I just can not get into. You sit on a little bucket over a little hole in -21 degree weather to catch fish. And they are not even salmon. They are some little trout fish and a thing called a smelt. We did our job and even Isa caught a little fish. I'll pass on the ice fishing but I can not wait to catch salmon in the fall!

Most of our activities where like this one. Nice, warm, and snug inside the house making Christmas wrapping paper. Thank you Richard and Virginia. I hope you enjoyed it we sure did.

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