Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Solstice countdown: 4 days!

I seem in recent posts to be a bit down about Unalakleet and Alaska. This is not true. Both Unalakleet and Alaska have lived up to my expectations of them. I will be contemplating the meaning of both for many years to come. My mental state has more to do with lighting and weather. To remedy this we have spent more time in front of our sun lamp soaking up vitamin D. Even our little Inupiaq daughter seems to benefit from a little light therapy.

On a pleasant note, I found out that up here while the night is long, the morning/afternoon is filled with a beautiful sunrise until that sunrise gently turns into a sunset. It is absolutely stunning! Here is the sunrise we had today for about an hour and a half. The picture was taken about 12:40 pm.

Tonight is Isa's Christmas play. She is in it despite only attending school in the afternoon. While she is excited about the play she has decided that she does not like school at all. It continues to be a struggle to get her to go to her cultural class in the afternoon. Here is a picture of her doing homeschool this morning. She has decided that she wants to learn calligraphy and spent most of the morning practicing.

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