Thursday, December 4, 2008


We are finally settling into a rhythm here in Unalakleet. Isa and I are enjoying homeschooling. She fights me every day that she goes to school. She told me that she really likes to learn but hates going to school. Wise statement from one so young. I told her that she was learning all of the time and part of what she was learning was taught by elders at the school. There was no way she could learn Inupiaq culture from me. So for now we are at an impasse. She still goes to her class three times a week for some formal "learning", and I get a bit of down time.

I can not believe that it is December all ready! Winter Solstice will be a welcome sight. Things are very dark right now. We are getting about 4 hours of true daylight now and an extra two hours of "twilight". By December 21 we will be having only 2 hours of daylight! At least we never lose it completely. (and yes I have a sun light and I use it!)

Speaking of homeschooling here are a few more photos from our trip to the Alaska Native Cultural Museum. This is what homeschooling is all about! We were able to take our time and visit all the houses at the museum on a day everyone else was in school. This is the Tlingit house. We were able to go inside but the camera did not take a very good picture. It is huge! Many families lived together in one house. The house was great but the totem pole really caught Isa's attention. After visiting all of the houses we were able to view the movie on the making of the Totem. Very impressive, and it really seemed to make an impression on Isa. Much more so then just studying them in a book.

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