Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally in Unalakleet

We finally made it to Unalakleet and moved into our new home.  Things here are great so far.  The weather has been beautiful and we have been our enjoying it.  The Silver Salmon are running and we are working at filling our freezer with salmon for the winter.  We have also been having picnics on the ocean enjoying the last of the beautiful summer weather before it turns cold and dark.  

Isa started kindergarten.  We are excited about it because every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday they have Inupiaq cultural class.  We are glad that she gets to experience her heritage and learn some of the language while we are here. 

Here is some general information about Unalakleet.  Unalakleet is an Inupiaq village of over 700 people.  It sits on a spit with Norton Sound on one side and the Unalakleet river on the other.  It is known for its salmon runs and kind crab.   Most of the families here live of off subsistence meaning hunting, fishing, and berry picking.  Most of the land is tundra but there are mountains and trees not far inland from us.  It is 85% native and 15% white.  Most of the white folk work in the schools.  Unalakleet is also known as a stop on the Iditarod trail race and the Iron Dog Snowmobile race.  There are no roads in or out of the town.  All travel must be done with air travel, snow machines, boats, or dog sleds.

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